Empire West is a real estate investment group that specializes in helping investors get a higher return on investment with modern luxury homes, and cash-flow apartment buildings. Our mission is to help you understand the benefits of investing in real estate, and get you passively involved with us. We invite investors like you to fund our development and rehab projects with an investment, and in return, we share the profits with you.

Our team of top-notch professionals, and our enormous group of Deal Makers guarantee you’re getting the best return on investment when working with us. Matt Skinner has lead his team in developing over $100 million in real estate, over 1,000 apartment buildings, and teaches real estate entrepreneurs to succeed using his self-made tactics.

If you’re looking to really take a hold of your financial situation, and make your money work for you, then we’re going to be great partners. Click “Invest Now” and a member of our team will call you to talk about your next steps.

What To Expect


Empire West is your top real estate investment partner. We find the best real estate deals, find investors who want to make a higher return on their investments, and develop these high quality deals for a profit you won’t find elsewhere.


The first step is finding the deals. We use our endless amount of sources to find the best opportunities in the best markets. We generally specialize in luxury home development, and cash-flow apartment buildings that are located in emerging markets.


We then invite investors to partner with us on these deals. We give you an offering packet so you know all the details about the development before making a commitment, and we can assist you in rolling over your IRA or 401K for the investment. After deciding to be on the team, we send you another packet of more information along with periodic updates on the development, and on your investment. You are always in the loop.


You make money. That's it, it’s that easy.