Our Successes 


Bayside was an ocean front development in Corona Del Mar. We bought a property, and split the property into 3 different lots with beach front views.


Delano was an 18 unit condo complex in a gated community purchased during an emerging market in Phoenix.


Hayden Terrace is a two-story garden-style community comprised of 30 apartment units situated around a central courtyard and pool area.


Large Lots with Jet Liner Views in a private, gated Community with gorgeous architecture in an incredible neighborhood


Nydes was a top performing luxury, property development. We enlarged an existing 3,800-square-foot property and added a new guesthouse and pool to take advantage of the specular 270-degree surrounding views of the Getty, the Pacific Ocean and Downtown Los Angeles. The pool was relocated from an existing courtyard to its current hillside location to highlight the dramatic setting.

Tides at 40th

How it Works




Power in elegance…

The Secret Sauce

Ingredient #1: Buy Emerging Markets

I purchase assets in emerging markets with job growth, and therefore, population growth. This results in a demand for more living spaces. I seek out these markets before the run up of population, and exit before the growth plateau.

Ingredient #2: Make Money When You Buy

I spend time implementing a unique marketing strategy that targets apartment owners who have to sell. By going direct to seller, I purchase these assets for below current market value. One of the rules I follow is that if I can’t sell a property for a profit the day after I buy it, then I have no business getting involved with it.

Ingredient #3: Increase Value

I always find ways to do something to the property that will increase its value. Sometimes it’s a major renovation, sometimes it’s a change in management, or sometimes we just add vending machines. 


Eduardo Aponte

"Thank you for the opportunity of investing with you guys. It has been a really great experience and I have learned a lot. Second, thank you for the awesome gift that you sent me from Twelvestone. It is beautiful, I have it on my desk and inspires trust from you guys as well as it makes me feel appreciates and welcome in your circle. Thanks for the hard work."

D’Angelo Jones

“Matt is very thorough, and everything is transparent. He’s awesome!”

Bruce Olsen

"Even after a year, it keeps working for me; I've elevated my game significantly and that's what we’re back for."

Francis Feliciano

"Matt has so many techniques, it got my brain ticking."

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