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How to “Bulletproof” Your Portfolio Using Real Estate, WithOUT Being a Landlord,or Fixing Toilets on the Weekends
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Founder of Empire West, Matt Skinner, has been a professional real estate investor for nearly 20 years and currently owns and operates a portfolio of apartment buildings in emerging US markets and develops property in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.

Starting in the trenches (literally as a ditch digger in construction) Matt worked his way from ditches to riches initially by buying, fixing and selling single family homes.  Matt then graduated to becoming a real estate developer in the roaring 2000's in Los Angeles and went on to buy, fix, and operate hundreds of cash flowing apartment buildings after the great market crash of '08.

Matt is an award winning builder in Los Angeles.  He is mostly known for his knack for attracting motivated sellers and creating win-win problem solving solutions to get the best deals for his investors. 
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